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Bj Stidham & Logan Stidham, grandchildren of Steve Stidham, sons of Brandon Stidham.





Testing it Up!!!

Black Gold

Pro-Test was Established in May of 2000. Steve Stidham and Haskell Stidham, brothers, partnered up to form a pipe testing business. Pro-Test began in the backyard of Steve and Jeania Sidham, in Big sandy, Tx, where the 1st Test truck and Tank truck was refurbished.


One of the hardest things to accomplish was a company name. One day while sitting around the table kicking around different names, Jeania Stidham, Steve Stidham's wife, suggested Pro-Test. We wanted a name that showed professionalism. The name Pro-Test stands for Professional Pipe Testing.


Once both trucks were ready, Steve Stidham and son, Brandon Stidham, performed the very 1st job for SND Operating Company. Steven Stidham, Steve's oldest son, operated the 1st tank truck.





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